543. Injury is a physiological disruption, and damage is an economic disruption. .

544. Cambium miner tracks in paper birch cause very little injury to the tree but a great amount of damage to the veneer.

545. Some diseases cause serious injury to trees, but the trunks can be salvaged for high quality products, and little damage results.

546. Socrates said, "Know the man by the words he uses."

547. Apoptosis is programmed cell death. In animals, the dead cells are lysed - broken down -and new cells are formed in the same places. In trees, the dead cells stay in place and act as storage places for bound water and for structural support.

548. Maybe life is the highest order of light? Think of all the references to light. "I am the light of the world." "Out of darkness came light." "They left the darkness of the cave and went out into the world of light." Etc.

549. Light is both a particle, a photon, and a wave. This is an example of a duality. The world of natural systems is full of dualities, and even some trialities.

550. Trees pay taxes in the form of root exudates. Percentages of photosynthate, and other substances made that can leave the roots as exudates range from 5% to 40%. As trees decline, the percentage increases. 

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43. As trees grow older, the torture continues as they are not only braced in ways that prevent swaying but wrapped with various materials. The materials prevent photosynthesis in the young green cortex. There are no data to show that wrapping prevents problems.

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