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From the Forest
to the Sea:
A Story of
Fallen Trees

Maser, Chris; Tarrant, Robert F.; Trappe, James M.; Franklin, Jerry F., tech. eds. 1988.  From the forest to the sea: a story of fallen trees. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-229. 153 p.

Large, fallen trees in various stages of decay contribute much-needed diversity of ecological processes to terrestrial, aquatic, estuarine, coastal beach, and open ocean habitats in the Pacific Northwest.  Intensive utilization and management can deprive these habitats of large, fallen trees.  This publication presents sound information for managers making resource management decisions on the impact of this loss on habitat diversity and on ecological processes that have an impact on long-term ecosystem productivity.

Keywords: Decomposition, fallen trees, habitat diversity, ecosystem function, land, water, sea.




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