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Managing Cavity Trees for Wildlife in the Northeast

Richard M. DeGraaf
Alex L. Shigo

United States Department of Agriculture

Northeastern Forest Experiment Station

General Technical Report NE-101


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Richard M. DeGraaf is Principal Research Wildlife Biologist and Leader of the Research Unit on wildlife communities and habitat relationships in New England forests, located at the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Alex L. Shigo is Chief Scientist and Leader of the Pioneering Research Unit on discoloration and decay in living trees, located at the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Durham, NH.

Manuscript received for publication 20 September 1984 ,


This paper is a guide for woodland owners, managers, or arborists who want to provide key habitat components for northeastern cavity-nesting birds and mammals that use tree dens. Methods for creating and maintaining cavity trees, snags, and den trees are described.

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