DR. ALEX  L. SHIGO - "The Father of Modern Arboriculture."  Father of Modern Arboriculture - In other words the Father of the Understanding of Trees. Dr. Alex L. Shigo is known as, respectfully so with dignity, earned the title, “FATHER OF MODERN ARBORICULTURE.” He was here from May 8, 1930 to Oct 6, 2006.

Very briefly, with more details to come. His research was into Post Logging Decadence and tree decay mostly.
In 1959, when Dr. Alex L. Shigo first started dissecting thousands of large trees in a longitudinal radial direction with a chain saw, He saw things in the trees that were different from what he saw in the textbooks. One day he decided to escape from the cave and he stood up in front of his peers and said the tree is correct and the textbooks have some shadows in them. Since that day, the shadow watchers have been out to get him. He went on and rewrote, replacing ALL the text books on trees and their associates. Modern Arboriculture is tree care based on a thorough understanding of TREE BIOLOGY. He carried out 3.5 day NEW TREE BIOLOGY WORKSHOPS worldwide beginning before 1991, I began participating in 1991 and until 1999 at Boone North Carolina. Then he stoped traveling and continued in Portsmouth New Hampshire, USA doing 2 day workshops where people from around the world, would now come to him. He carried out workshops in most countries but not South America. His library can be found at www.shigoandtrees.com .


TREE BASICS, the book by Dr. Alex L. Shigo, belongs in every 6th grade level school.

TREE BASICS has questions to with book. www.treedictionary.com/DICT2003/Q/quiz.html


Why have myths and misunderstandings plagued arboriculture?  The problem started in the mid-19th century when several important events happened about the same time. The repeated failure of the potato crop in Ireland caused by the fungus Phytophthora infestans, set off a large scale famine and migration. At this time, Anton De Bary proved that a fungus caused the disease rather than the well-accepted that the disease caused the fungus.  At the same time as Louis Pasteur was winning the battle of the germ theory, Robert Hartig showed that fungi cause decay rather than the long held belief that decay causes fungi. For his work, De Bary recognized as the father of plant pathology. Hartig is recognized as the father of forest pathology. Hartig's great work set off a rushing stream of research on decay. Source: Arboriculture in the 21st Century by Dr. Alex L. Shigo.

Now in 1959 Dr. Alex L. Shigo began dissecting trees in the longitudinal plane.  Until this time, with the introduction of the chain saw, studies and understanding of trees was derived by only looking at cross sections.  Now similar to Anton De Bary and Robert Hertig, Dr. Shigo changed all the anatomy terms, inside and out, above and below and their physiology features.  This gave the foundation for the begining of Modern Arboriculture.  I.e., tree care based on a correct thorough understanding of trees.  For the first time in human history a book based on correct information, is available for 6th grade level students.  TREE BASICS

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