Accidents! Trees  - The lack of understanding of trees has been and still is the major problem for trees and for people working in trees, worldwide!  The tree industry has a very poor rating for safety.  I do not believe that more talks and programs about safety will help the situation.  In some ways it just makes matters worse for those who think they are so invincible that they can act against the rules.  Foe example, consider the bikers and helmets.  The "really tough ones" show how tough they are by not wearing helmets.

The real problem with trees is that so very few people really understand them.  I have heard it said many times, "I don't need to know that stupid Shigo stuff."  Yet for lack of understanding, more people will get injured and even killed.   Why?  Boredom for starters.  The tools they work with move at great speeds.  The trees fracture at great speeds.  Maybe in the future more tree workers will begin to understand the real problem and then solve it by understanding trees. 

Accidents, Boredom  - Same task, everyday.  The mind begins to think about the weekend.  (Stay out all night) (Get some rest) (I wonder what I should do?) (See my girlfriend or wife)  Meanwhile, tools are moving at great speeds!  (Go fishing) (Go hunting) (If it rains I will go to town) "Blood everywhere"

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