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BLACK Hyphae, BLACK mycorrhizae and non-woody absorbing root.

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Tree Biology "Educational & Training Workshops"

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INTRODUCTION - Brief essential information. 


Some words about words by SHIGO 2002 CD's.

More words about words.

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1. New Items Added To Dictionary.

2VALUE OF TREES - Not in books or schools. With exception New Hampshire where TREE BASICS by DR ALEX L. SHIGO is in every school.

3. TREE BASICS for children (talking points)

4. For the BOONITES. Those men and women who attended formal New Tree Biology Workshops in Boone, NC USA.

5. Treekissers - Past confidential information.  First reported in my CCIL website.  Now with updated correct information.


1. Educational Material by Dr. Shigo (FATHER of MODERN ARBORICULTURE)

2. Articles published by Dr. Shigo published in TCI


3. Articles published here by Daniel B. Wheeler  Nurse Logs, Floral and Fauna. The Grand Connection!

4. Articles published by Kevin T. Smith, Ph.D. - United States Forest Service

5. Chris Maser (Forest Management Consultant)

6. Tree Biology Notebook  - by Richard Murray, Arborist

Written by a long time advanced student of Dr. Shigo.  I, John A. Keslick, Jr. attended more New Tree Biology Workshops with Dr. Shigo then most people.  I do not remember many workshops that Richard was not there dissecting trees.  His book is well written with clearly defined terms.  The book is available through his website.

7. John A. Keslick, Jr. Articles I wrote, many published in TCI

8. Consulting Tree Biologist  - Myself, John A. Keslick, Jr.  I offer a consulting service based on tree biology.  We offer free high risk of hazard consulting.  We also service outside our area, however, we ask that travel expenses be paid.

8. Allegheny Defense Project  ...working for the protection of the natural heritage of the Alleghenies...

Other Top Quality Sites.

1. Click here for hard to get documents!  Well worth reading.

2. Treatments / Video's

3. Unique Features of some trees.  I am building this section up.

4. Fungi Identification.


Above:  Flying squirrel in a condo (Eastern White Pine).  A wound started the CODIT process and carpenter ants respected boundaries and built galleries.  Thus controlling the environment inside the tree, to the disadvantage of the decay fungi.  A Pileated Wood Pecker created the cavities going after the ants.  Now a family of flying squirrels have moved in.  For more see "carpenter ants" and follow the link at the bottom on white pine and ants story.

Picture Courtesy of Jim Bensman of Heartwood

A forest containing Redwood Trees.

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