Adjustment  - Change means movement and alterations in parts and processes of a system away from an existing state or condition.  All natural systems have the capacity to change. Feedback means the ability of the system to “recognize" the potential effects of the changes on the system.  Adjustments mean using those positive changes from the feedback process to alter the system in ways that will ensure continual survival. Change alone does not come all good or all bad.  Those systems that change in ways that make them less able to survive are rarely, if ever, seen.  If modern arboriculture is to survive positive adjustments must be made on the basis of an active feedback process that in turn operates on the basis of accepting changes.

Adaptation - Change In Parts, Adjustment - Change In Processes.

Adjustments, Adaptations, and Chainsaws.  Adjustment is the changing of a process with a system.  Adaptation is the changing of a part of a system.  Non-living systems are parts and processes connected in such highly ordered ways that as energy is added, they move and do a task.  Living systems can repeat themselves as energy is added.  Chainsaws are non-living systems that cut trees and other substances.  Saws are adapted to different task by changing parts.  Saws are adjusted to change speed of chain and idle.  Felling large trees, adaptation of the saw as a larger bar is needed.  Dissections of trees, power and low rakers needed.  Adaptation as a different chain needed. 

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