Ammonium ion  - Ammonium ion has a molecular weight of 18 and potassium is 39, yet they are about the same size. This is important because they compete for space in some clay crystals.
Ammonium Nitrate  - Ammonium ion is the same as a wild red sports car.  Nitrate ion is the same as an eighteen wheeler.  When the sports car can break away from the eighteen wheeler, it moves rapidly.  That is called an explosion.   Many people poorly understand, the chemistry involved with applying Ammonium nitrate.  Imagine this - take the ten biggest Fourth of July Grand Finales you have ever seen, cannons and all and put them together.  This is what is happening when just a pinch of ammonium nitrate hits the soil.  Certain doses of ammonium nitrate can blow the mycorrhizae.

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