Ammonium Nitrate / Internal Regulating System  - The addition of ammonium nitrate will increase growth in girth, of plant, however, with increased mass of symplast, comes increased requirements for sunlight energy for defense, thus increasing the demands on non-woody roots and  mycorrhizae,  for starters, for water and the other 16 essential elements in which, they are responsible for absorbing.  It is working against the internal regulating system of the tree or plant, i.e., the increase in mass.  They say it makes bigger leaves, yet one chlorophyll molecule cost 54 carbons to 4 nitrogen.  (see chlorophyll)  Yes, additional nitrogen, does not increase the biological health of the tree while tree trunk increases growth.  Trees require at least 17 essential elements.  (see "essential elements") (See NEW TREE BIOLOGY DICTIONARY, page 45, SHIGO, 1986)

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