Apoptosis  - Apoptosis is programmed cell death.  In animals, the dead cells are lysed - broken down -and new cells are formed in the same places.  In trees, the dead cells stay in place and act as storage places for bound water and for structural support. 
    Apoptosis  -  It is very controversial on how this word is to be pronounced.  Their has been long columns of controversy in Nature and other Journals about this.  Apoptosis is programmed cell death.  As cells are born they are going to die.  Some die very soon some are alive for a very long time.  In animals dead cell parts and cells are replaced in the same spatial positions.   Its not just the cell that dies but also the contents.  In trees the new cells are in new spatial positions.  Regenerate means that new cells are placed back in the exact position.  When cell death exceeds cell birth or when cell birth exceeds cell death, problems start.  All organisms live only so long as dying and growing are in dynamic equilibrium. 

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