Arboriculture – (The “I” is silent) - Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees.  Tree cultivation is the art and science of developing ways and means to assure long-term, high quality survival.  Arboriculture is much more than tree care.  Decisions for treatments must be based on a sound understanding of tree biology that includes chemistry.  Arboriculture is an art and a science.  As an art it requires many skills.  As a science it requires an understanding of biology.  Arboriculture should mean tree care, not tree injury for profit.  Modern Arboriculture hopes to change this.
    Arboriculture  - Arboriculture (the i is silent).  Arbor means tree and culture means cultivation.  Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees and their associates.   Tree care is only one part of tree care.  Its more then trees because the tree is a big system, it’s a big battery, it brings more energy or provides for more life than any other system.  But it only works because of the little guys – the little ones, the bacteria the fungi that connect with it.  So have a lot of associates and be good to them and they will be good to you.  Then you will get some synergy out of all of this.  Synergy is 2+2=5.  I thought 2+2 =4.  Yes if you are a mathematician. You and the associates get more out of what is put in  - synergy.
    Arboriculture the cultivation of trees and their associates.  If you are an arborist you cultivate trees, you plant them, protect them,  select them, maintain them, fertilize them, you do every thing for that tree to maintain and to provide for that tree to maintain high quality (no just quality) state for as long as possible.  That is our responsibility.  To maintain a high quality state for that tree as long as possible.  Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees and their associates.  You cannot have just a tree as you cannot plant a forest.  Think about it.  

MODERN ARBORICULTURE is combining mind and muscle.







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