Arborist  - Are you an arborist?  There are arborist out there.  An arborist, to me, is a person who understands trees.  The art and the science of trees.  And makes decisions, followed by treatments, based on that understanding and that understanding must be based on a thorough understanding of tree biology.  Would you go to a person who claimed was a doctor, yet would flunk a basic anatomy test? In other word's did not know your knee from your heart. Would you go to that person for a personal medical problem?  Say oh, it hurts here, and the person begins to examine you in another place.  Would you be on that table?  Maybe you would, but I surely would not.  An arborist is a person who understands trees and in time we are going to do something about this.  Because the trees need some arborists, to care for these wonderful, beautiful and big creatures.  The day will come when we will have more arborists.  Its time to realize the train goes on.  We need, we need, we need to start having some layers.  I’ve been in and out of hospitals many many times and never am I met at the door by the doctor.  Think about it.  How many layers do you go through?  I hope the day will come when we have arborist 1, arborist 2, arborist 3, arborist 4 – who knows how high?  We hope that day will come, but remember, an arborist is a person who understands trees, the art.  Climbing - there is nothing wrong with climbing, its wonderful, you have to get into the tree many times.  Chain saws, big equipment, you either know how to use these tools or direct their use.  That is what a professional is.  You either know or you can direct exactly how.  Science is thinking – hum, this one likes a high pH soil, this one likes, enjoys, a low pH soil.  When we see Oaks and Tilia planted together I know somebody has a serious problem.  Because one will grow best in high pH soils and one will grow best in low pH soil. 
    I am sure you must all know, also, if you are an arborist, who the first arborist was - Robin – French and pronounced roban, and we have honored him by naming a tree after him.  And we see how some people think certain species or Robinia are evasive and weeds.  Anything that grows well will become a weed.  Poor Robin , poor arborist.   Are you and arborist?  Are you really an arborist?  Do you understand trees?  Please do not get to disturbed.  I will be glad to do everything I can do for you to help those beautiful big creatures we call trees.  Think, please think.

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