Autopsy  - Autopsy, which comes from the Greek word autopsy, means to see for yourself.  It is often mistaken for the word for necropsy, which means the study of the dead.  E.g.,  “In the beginning there was Curiosity!  Some of the information in textbooks did not agree with what I was seeing in dissected trees.  Were the trees wrong?  Or, were the books wrong?  I had to satisfy my curiosity.  AUTOPSY MEANS TO SEE FOR YOUR SELF.  Thousands of trees were dissected. Hundreds of thousands of isolations for microorganisms were made.  From this research came concepts of successions and compartmentalization.  IN THE END, THE TREES WERE CORRECT.  (SHIGO, 2002 - CD1- 01 PLEASE READ FIRST/ 03 THE BEGINNING)”.   

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