Bioindicator  - A bioindicator, would be a living indicator of the health of the system.  E.g., CWD or LWD is a bioindicator, as the CWD is the substrate for the base of the food web, therefore its presence would indicate a level of health of soil and system.



A casual observer, can see clearly, which has the larger amount of substrate for the base of the food web.  Therefore Course Woody Debris can be a good bioindicator of a healthy system.  Cutting the wood out of the forest is not in the best interest of the forest health, most of the time.   Wood being cut out of the once fertile forest [LEFT].   A tornado swath of a fertile (healthy) forest, where nothing was removed and the soil is getting a good sock of carbon [RIGHT]! If you take a look, at what functions, "symplastless and fallen trees" have, you may better understand.  Click here for more info with references on the latter.

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