Biomass  - A biomass is a mass that contains some form of living cells.

In contrast, a symplastless tree or log includes a considerable number of living cells, as much as 35% of the biomass may be live fungal cells alone (Franklin, J. F., H. H. Shugart and M. E. Harmon     1987,     Tree Death as an Ecological Process (The causes, consequences, and variability of tree mortality)    BioScience Vol. 37 No.8; Pg 550-556, pg 551).
This is an area that logging is not permitted - fertile and healthy!
My Point - It is too easy to call something dead, while there is so much alive!  NATURE AT WORK (SHIGO 2002)

For those people who think all fungi are bad - don't eat cheese, bread or drink wine.







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