Biotic  - Biotic Agents, E.g., insects, fungi, bacteria, etc.    Abiotic are forces such as being lightning, fire, flood, etc.  Light connects the biotic and abiotic.  In spite of abiotic destructive forces and biotic agents such as insects, bacteria, and fungi, humans still rank as the major destructive agent for trees in forests and cities. Ignorance of tree biology is a major cause of this.
Biotic Systems – Living Systems – two big words.  Biotic - Living Systems,  parts and processes.  Here we are talking about anatomy because these parts are alive – they jiggle, they move in highly ordered ways.  They have the ability to repeat and as they jiggle and move they become processes – that’s physiology.  And they have known or predetermined end points.  This is what life is all about – Life, Life, Life.  Is this not life?  See nature is dynamic equilibrium between the biotic and abiotic and all in between which there is so many variations in between that they are almost infinite.   We do not know the number but we know there are many.   As they are dying and being born, where does it all start?  Biotic systems are living systems, they jiggle in ways that are highly predetermined or predictable.  Biotic systems – Living systems. 
            A little more on this.  Nature is made up, on one extreme end the living, and on the other extreme end the non-living.  They both jiggle if you wish, they both move if you wish.  They both move in highly predictable predetermined ways so they will have predetermined end points.  That’s what nature is all about – biotic systems and abiotic systems.  Our responsibility as arborist we must keep those trees alive at a high quality state as long as possible.  Please, please, help, help, think, think, think.

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