Chemistry  - Chemistry is the science of the arrangement and resulting properties of atoms.  As the science of tree care develops, chemistry will become more important.  Chemistry connects anatomy and physiology.
Chemistry is the science of matter and its properties.  As they change and as changes take place in the arrangements of their atoms.  Boy what a mouth full that is.  We must define a lot of these words.  Science –we are talking about a process.  Matter and Energy depending on how you want to squeeze it.  If you squeeze, you squeeze one, you get the other, if you squeeze the other you get the other.  In other words E=MC˛, energy equals matter or mass time the speed of light squared.  Everybody is talking about carbohydrates, and I wonder if maybe they know, because it is very difficult to define a carbohydrate?  These are the properties as changes, we go from one state to another in the arrangement –that is order.  Because, as we reach an arrangement that can very easily be repeated with a minimum amount of energy that is high order.   And then the arrangement changes because of its parts.  You see we keep repeating, the system keeps repeating.  Once you start into these terms you will see that one term connects with another term, connects with another term, and connects with another term.  You say we keep repeating the same old stuff, over and over again, we know this.  Bless you and if you know it please start using it. 
Chemistry is the science.  Chemistry is one of the oldest sciences and it was first called alchemy.  It was mixed with magic and mystery and medicine.  Alchemy, everybody wanted to change lead into gold.  But chemistry is a very important part of our work.  Many young minds, not young bodies, but young minds are beginning to realize they need to know a little bit about water, they need to know a little bit about fertilizers, they need to know a little bit about so called growth regulators and they need to know about this item and that item.  They need to know how a material blocks an enzyme and what is an enzyme.  So, this is all chemistry and please, please, understand that chemistry is a big part of arboriculture.  In time an arborist will understand more chemistry.  We are not saying you have to be a chemist, no –no –no.  But at least have the appreciation for what is water, what is fertilizer, what is a pesticide, what is a fungicide, what is a herbicide.  How do they work?   What are antibiotics, what is penicillin – you see these are all chemistry – please think about this, think, think, think.  Chemistry is an important part of arboriculture.  Please –think, think, think.

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