Collections and Connections  - Research focuses on collections. Development focuses on connections.  We need both.  The greater the collection of ideas, measurements, facts, parts, and other items, the greater the chances are for connections that serve a specific need.  Children often play the dot game. Numbered dots are connected until some recognized thing "jumps" out of the maze of dots.  The game gets boring as children get older because they no longer need to connect all the numbered dots to perceive the connected image. As some people look at the dots, they can see the picture without going through the tedium of connecting the numbered dots.  This dot game is not so different from similar "games" played long into adulthood. Some people must connect every dot before they can "see" an image.  Others can see an image without connecting the dots, or by connecting only a few.  Indeed, looking and seeing are two different things. Be a collector.  But, also, be a connector.  Learn to see, fast. It takes practice.  When you go on a potential client's property, connect dots.  See things, fast.
    In other words.  Collections gathered; Connections bonded.  Think.  Collections are items gathered, but connections are items bonded.  Let me try this in many different ways.  Collections are what you bring together, gathered.  You can collect stamps, you can collect bottles, you can collect items.  You can collect many different items.  You can also collect ideas.  You can collect information.  Connections are what you do with what you have connected, they are bonded.  You may have a great deal of information, but how much of it is correct?  The more information you collect the better chances of finding something to connect, that will give you high quality survival or enhance high quality survival or maintain it. 
    Get your own “magic box” and collect items (information) in the box.  The more you have in the box, the better the chances of making the best connections.  (And, maybe, saving your life!!)  Your magic box connections could not only save someone else’s life, but the information may save your own life.  Now if that doesn’t concern you then you are in the wrong position or wrong profession or the wrong, some place.  You are at the wrong place at the wrong time or something.  
Lets talk some more on information.  We say collections are items.  The items could be items of information.  Did you know this or did you know that?  See, we believe that we either collect so many items and then we connect very few of them.  You may have a collection of 100 or 1000, but in order to make something really of value you need 10 items to connect in ways that will function correctly and repeat its function.  Now that’s a lot different than from collections.  But the more you have collected the better the chances are that you will find what you require in that collection.  So information, we must collect, then we must connect.  Infections are connections. 
    Collections are the numbers of spores – there are billions or trillions of spores that a go into the soil, go into the air, go into the plants, go around plants.  But how many finally connect and infect?  Very, very, few.  So collections again are the items that you gather and connections are the items you put together to function as a new type of system.  A new system.  You can have all the parts for making a drill but if you don’t have a trigger then it might not be of any value.  It often depends on that connection of final parts to make it go.  On that same subject we must identify some other big words and those words are intelligence, your knowledge and wisdom. 
    First the intelligence means your capacity (we have gone through capacity and ability before) but its your capacity to collect.  How much can you collect.  Do you have a genetically given big cup or a small cup?  How much can you collect.  That’s your intelligence.  How intelligent is she, how big a cup does she have?  The measure of how much you collected is knowledge.  If you collect many bits and pieces of information and the information is not correct are you really knowledgeable?  We don’t have that answer.  See, so long as what you collected is correct, that has to be some how different than collecting information that is not correct.  Now here comes the connection.  Wisdom, I believe is connecting information in ways that will enhance, or provide or maintain a high quality type of survival.  If your genetics is a very large cup, then your capacity is to collect a lot.  But if you get a cup that is one half that size, you have one half the capacity.  But now if the small cup is filled to the brim but the big cup has very little in it.  The little cup then is really much more knowledgeable than the other cup that has the large volume.  So think about this.  You could have a tree that is very vigorous with a large cup – You plant it incorrectly on a rock, over fertilize it, than you get another tree with a smaller cup, plant it correctly and maintain it correctly and it grows for a very long time in a high quality state. 
    Nature comes in this 80 + or – field that is often difficult.  You have to think.  Collections – what you have gathered, it could be information, items or whatever.  Please think, think, think.

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