Connections  - We are made up of many little things that, taken separately, are not so important. But, when they are all connected, they become you, and that is important.  The same with trees.  A brick will float when it has a wood board under it.  Think what you can do when you make the right connections.  E.g., The fungi play a major role in recycling essential elements from dead organic matter.  The fungi often do this in association with many other organisms in the soil: bacteria, insects, worms, amoebae, nematodes, and small animals.  Many of the fungi associated with mycorrhizae have mushroom fruit bodies.  Others have a variety of fruit bodies above ground and below ground. The major point is that the members of the natural system are all connected.  When the connections begin to be broken, the system will suffer.  You can kill soil.  You can kill a forest.  You can kill many living things that depend on a healthy forest.  How?  By breaking connections.  Knowledge is collections.  Wisdom is connections.

This is what the article I wrote titled "Logging - What it is" is all about - breaking connections.

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