Cultivation  - Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees.  Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees.  What do we mean now with cultivation?  Cultivation means everything.  Everything you do, all actions from the time that tree begins its life until the time it ends its life.  Ands its all of these actions that you do or is done to it to maintain - to keep it going, living, at a high quality state for as long as possible.  This is what cultivation is all about.  You cultivate.  You can cultivate ideas, you can cultivate a culture.  You can cultivate many kinds of items, information – it means from the time it is conceived to the time it is dead, it now longer able to act.  All actions that are done to keep it in the highest possible quality state.  Some items do not come in a high quality state,  but there is no reason why you cannot do everything to keep it as high as possible.  Remember this is what cultivation means.  Yes, we are all for tree care, but tree care is one part of cultivation.  Planting is a part, caring after you plant is a part, pruning is a part, fertilization is a part, looking after some of the injuries is a part.  Also when you cultivate you most know some characteristics of the individual.  We are hoping the day will come when people can give at least ten major features of every species without taking a breath.  We would be satisfied with a few.  For instance you think of birch,  the first item you think of birches is that they are light demanding trees.  They grow best in the light.  They can shade themselves or they can grow into a shade and then they have a reduction in energy reserves.  As the energy goes down the defense goes down and the cleanup crew comes in.  Every species has its own cleanup crew.  The birch have bronze birch borer.  But if you cultivate that tree correctly.  Make sure it is planted correctly in the correct place and maintained the correct way.  Over using the word correct, which means you perform your treatments in a correct way, and then that tree will rarely ever have bronze birch borer.  Oaks, most oaks, we say most oaks because not all species are trees that grow best in soils that are low in pH.  Anyone who plants a Tilia next to a white oak - one or the other is going to have a bad problem because the white oak grows best it soils somewhat, semi or moderately dry while the Tilia tree grows best in soils where pH is fairly high.  A good city tree (Tilia).  So there are so many features of every tree that you should know the planting procedures, the caring procedures.  This all goes under the heading of cultivation.  Arboriculture is the cultivation, not only of trees but trees and their associates.  The day will come when we understand a little more about mulching, about fertilizing, about watering.  Some trees do best in wet soils, some do best in dry soils, some do best in soils that are wet very heavily for short periods and dry for periods.  They all come in different forms.  We should understand these forms. 
    Cultivation – birth –death – maintain quality high as long as possible.  Our responsibility, we believe, as an arborist, as a tree person, as a person who owns trees, is to maintain that high quality as long as possible.  Cultivation.  Think, think, think about it.  Don’t believe it because I said it, believe because you see it for yourself.  

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