Curiosity / Humor  - Would you believe we think, you don’t have to agree, they go together.  Curiosity is the fuel,  it’s a type of force,  it’s a propellant.  Curiosity – you want to know, you need to know.  Curiosity is the fuel that makes powers, makes the machinery of progress go.  Anything that moves, our fathers, have taught us it requires some type of lubricant, grease.   So humor is the lubricant.  Curiosity is indeed the fuel that powers the machinery of progress.  Humor is the lubricant.  Did you know one of the last kind of features that leave a human before they pass away, die, is that they often lack the ability to smile.  We know that is difficult.  That comes long before you know that you are going to die.  The lack of humor comes long before, many times.  In fact we think it’s a sign you are going to die, when you can no longer smile.  Curiosity, you must be born with it.   We believe what the aborigines say in Australia – is that no system, no feature, no sense will ever go on cruse.  Its either going upward or downward.  If you don’t use it you loose it.  That’s in many books and even in the Bible.  Talents, the only parable which is explained.  If you don’t use it you loose it.  If you hide it and its given to you, and you don’t use it, you loose it.  And we believe that so many people loose their curiosity, they really do not need or want to know.  We believe curiosity is an addiction.  We believe – we keep repeating this because we are not expecting you to believe this – think about it.  We believe before you go, every person will become an addict of some sort.   They will become an addict of the couch, addict to television, addict to reading, addict to booze (alcohol),  addict to drugs, an addict to water, an addict to food.  What is an addict?  An addict is any kind of a substance or behavior that will maintain you in what you perceive as your normal state.  I am very curious, I need to know, I want to know, what is this plant, what is this, how does this work, oh how I wish I understood compartmentalization.  This is the reason why we dissected trees.  We could not see the trees inside so we had to touch the trees inside.  Curiosity, do you really want to know – did they forget to take down the wet paint signs or is the paint really wet?  You have to touch it, you have to connect with it sometimes before you really know. 
    Humor – Dr Shigo has been criticized  because he has tried to put humor into all of this.  If we are going to stand up and talk for many hours we have to keep our audience attentive.  Its difficult, you have to change directions because once you understand a little bit about humor and human pathways, you will know the  human pathway from a to b is not a straight line.  There is a lot of bends, turns and twist.  In the end don’t be afraid to smile and have fun.  Think about all of these things.  Curiosity, humor.  Laugh a little please.

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