Education  - Training and educating are essential for MODERN ARBORICULTURE.  Training without educating makes robots.  Educating without training makes waste.  Both are needed now!  Education is a learning process.  Learning leads to increased knowledge. Knowledge is the amount of information gained.  Intelligence is the capacity to gain information. Wisdom is the use of information in ways that ensure continued high-quality survival.  Education is a process not a product.  “Education, or really the lack of education, is the greatest problem of the world today!!!!  Many people cannot read or write.  Many people do not understand what is being said.  Therefore, they listen to others as if the others have or know all the answers.  Many of the wonderful people who care for trees today ran from biology and chemistry because of the ways the subjects were taught.  They were very intelligent people, or maybe too intelligent.  I believe these people deserve another chance.  Read, Read, Read!  Think, Think, Think, Think!!    

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