Energy  - Energy is a concept of forces that do work.  Photosynthesis and respiration are two sides of the same coin.  No system or machine will start itself and continue to operate or function without a continuing supply of energy.   A tree starts life from energy stored in a seed.  Or a tree can start from a cutting that contained stored energy.  As the tree system reaches a rest period, energy must be stored to fuel the beginning of new growth at a later period.  Stored energy is required for development of new leaves.  When energy reserves decrease, meristematic points form sprouts.  Potential energy, in a sense, is like money you have in the bank but can not touch.  It is energy that is present, however, it is not available at the present time for use. It is in storage.
(See MODERN ARBORICULTURE, SHIGO, 1991, pg191)  Trees use energy produced by the sun (Glucose) in five basic ways: Growth; Maintenance; Root Exudates for soil associates; Reproduction; Storage and Defense. 
    In other words. 
Can you name anything that you know of that is not matter or energy, or energy or matter ?  Because if you squeeze one you get the other, if you squeeze the other you get the other?  E=MC˛ right?  That means energy equals mass time the speed of light squared.  What is energy?  It’s a force.  Well, what do you mean it’s a force?  It makes something move or changes its direction if its already moving.  Trees get their energy from photosynthesis from light energy formed by fusion on the sun.  Trees use there energy, which has been discussed before, 5 major ways.  Growth, maintenance, exudates (think of taxes), reproduction, storage for restart and defense.   A lot of words, a lot of words.  Think about all of these words.  They are very important big words.  The next time you try to feed a tree think of some of these words.  Because if you think you feed trees you have apparently no understanding about photosynthesis, which is one of the important processes on this whole planet – maybe the universe.  Because, if we weren’t able to bring the suns energy in, we wouldn’t be around very long.  As you can feed us, in other words we must have an energy source feed to us.  You cannot feed a tree.  Do you want to put the sun out of business?  You surely would.  Deep feed – One person heard another person ask another person, Sir, why do you say we should deep feed and at the same time you tell us all the roots are shallow?  That person is very dangerous, you know that?  Very dangerous.  The trees and the other green chlorophyll molecules trapping – they are trapping the light energy – the quanta of life energy formed by a fusion process on the sun.  Think about the them please.  There is nothing that says, that you cannot think.  If you are going to use the word, first of all make sure you know what it means.  Because somebody may ask you “what do you mean”.  And if you don’t know then they will know maybe you shouldn’t be where you think you are.  Think about it.  They are difficult words. 

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