Experiments - Science is the systematic recording of information that is considered true on the basis of research.  Science is a process, a recording process, a highly ordered or systematized recording process of information about natural phenomena that is thought to be true.  Science is the recording of natural truths.
    Research is the pursuit of truth using the experimental method that includes controls.  Research is not complete until the results are published in a peer reviewed international journal.  The pursuit for truth starts when observations yield results that repeat.  Next a hypothesis is formed based on the observations.  Experiments are then designed to test the hypothesis in ways that set out more to disprove than to prove it.  If the hypothesis can remain sound after repeated experiments, then there is evidence that the hypothesis or parts of it may be true. Great care must be taken not to design short-term experiments for long -term processes!  This is a common failing of many tree experiments.  Another common failing is the use of seedlings or young trees in search of information about mature trees.  (SHIGO, 2002 - CD1- 01 PLEASE READ FIRST/ SCIENCE)”.    

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