Fusion on the Sun and Energy  - A person said you should know a little bit about this because it explains why you are able to stay alive, why trees are able to stay alive.  Would that be enough to excite you to learn a little bit about the subject.  I would really want to know about that subject.  Fission you break it apart, fusion you squeeze it together.  Hydrogen is converted to helium under extreme – extreme – extreme pressures on the sun – very hot, very squeezy.  And it is squeezed so hard from the four hydrogen we get helium, but, helium actually weighs less then the four hydrogen’s.  If you were a mathematician you would say this is chaos.  No, no, no, that’s the way it is.  Little bits of left over energy (Remember E=mc˛) are converted – the little bits of mass are converted to energy.  The energy then flows down, or moves down, shines down, comes down, comes out is really the better word, from the sun as light.  The light comes down and hits the certain spot on the chlorophyll molecule just as you would hit a ping pong ball on an attached paddle and sends the ping pong ball out.  However, this ping pong ball is similar to those attached to a little rubber band – it wants to come back to the paddle again.  And some where along the way, it is trapped, but it maintains that amount of energy that it has in order to move, move, move, back to the paddle.  It is trapped, it is trapped in a molecule we call ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).  And the reason Adenosine Triphosphate is so important is because it will make, bring about, cause, incite, other molecules to move, as they bump into them.  Remember the old you bump this and it moves.  This is the way ATP is constructed, except that, as you put the molecules together, or the phosphate together in what could be ATP, they don’t want to stick together, they don’t want to come together.  But you force them together.  Then in a sense you put a big band around them and when that band is loosened by an enzyme, it flies apart and in moving apart, it moves something else and it starts metabolism.  You should know a little bit about this.  Fusion – squeeze it.  Energy – force that makes it move.  So think about all of these because these are processes that keeps you alive and keeps trees alive.  Don’t be afraid to think.  Make sure you have your definition.  Your definition may not be the best in the world but its yours.  Think about it please.

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