Hyphae  - (Hypha singular) Hyphae are the vegetative structures of fungi - they look like tubes.  Another term which we have collected for certain hyphae is MYCELIUM.  (mycelia, many strands; plural)
(Picture is White Hyphae in the Soil - Source)

Hyphae of the fungus associated with a mycorrhiza often grow out beyond the mycorrhiza into the soil.  Hyphae from mycorrhizae on one tree can connect with hyphae from mycorrhizae from another tree of a different species. The grand forest connection.

Bacteria often live in tunnels left behind as hyphae of soil fungi die.  Amoebae are not able to attack the bacteria in the minute diameter tunnels.  Click here for some words on hyphae.

See Chapter 4 "Trees and Microorganisms" in A NEW TREE BIOLOGY.

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