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Dozer (bulldozer) blight is one major member of the Demons of D, i.e., depletion, dysfunction, disruption and finally DEATH.  Dozers can be very injurious to trees in at least six ways: [A] Compaction of the living soil. [B]  Woody and non-woody root wounds with the disruption of many tree associates including the MYCORRHIZAE. [C] Butt wounds (lower trunk).  [d] Wounds to the trunk. [E] Wounds to the branches.  [F] Leaves exposed to injurious heat, fumes from gasoline and oil.  The only known medical treatment for dozer blight is prevention.  Tree people best treat dozer blight by talking to the operators, talking to the developers, and talking to city officials about protection prior construction. Injury hurts the tree!  The damage hurts the pocketbook of the tree owner.  The result of damage is an economic disruption.  Positive change is taking place as the price tag on tree damage is beginning to increase.  Some people will only listen to the sound of money leaving their hands.  Modern Arborist need to be involved in helping to enforce ordinances.  Your best bet if injury has occurred is to hire a Modern Arborist who understands the SYMPLAST of the injured tree.  Such a person, may scribe the wounds properly, water the tree properly (depending upon the species), apply a light coat of good composted tree trimmings (at least one year old) and set up barriers to keep traffic away.  The next growing season, he or she may continue to remove symplastless wood and fertilize very lightly with composted organic manure (after the leaves have formed).  Do not remove symplast maintaining branches!

Diagrams and text from The Desk of John A. Keslick Jr.

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