Noise  - A single word or group of words used by a single person or a group of people, which they refuse to define - noise. 
Communication starts when you develop a message.  What do you want the other person to know?  If you cannot say it or write it clearly in a few words, it may mean that you do not have a message.  Now we can put our fingers on one of the major problems in communications.  The sender, many times, does not have a highly ordered arrangement of information.  When that happens, then noise is the result.  When bits and pieces are not sent in an orderly way, the result is noise.  If you send noise, the receiver will get noise, and it is highly doubtful that your intended "message" will be acted upon.  Then we wonder why we have problems with people and education.  Learn to develop clear messages.  What are the facts?  What do you want the other person to know?  Use clear, simple words.  Use photos, slides, diagrams, or any other type of item that will make your message orderly.  A message should contain no more than 25 words.  Tell me who you are.   Tell me what you want to do.  Why?  If you cannot define yourself in 25 words or less, you are in trouble!

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