Nutrient  - Nutrients are substances that contain the essentials for life, in the best amounts.  Nutrients contain an energy source, elements, vitamins, and other essentials for life.  PLANTS CANNOT ABSORB NUTRIENTS.  Saying you feed plants with plant food, calling fertilizers food, and saying that plants absorb nutrients indicate an absolute ignorance of photosynthesis!!   Elements are single groups of atoms of the same kind such as calcium and nitrogen.

A nutrient is a substance that contains an element with an energy source and an element without.  Nitrogen is NOT a nutrient for chlorophyll containing trees.  A substance that is very high in elements and energy it is called a nutrient.  To make this clear, please allow me to share this with you.  Essential elements.  Look at your chart of Atomic Properties of elements.  (Not the Atomic Properties of nutrients)  That’s where you will find your elements.  Look at mycorrhizae.  Is it fungus or is it tree?  YES, mycorrhizae is a composite structure made up of root and fungus tissues.

But if you have the fungus and no tree, do you have mycorrhizae?  NO, you do not have the composite structure made up of root and fungus tissues.  You only have fungus.

If you have a bag of fungi to place on the soil, to establish mycorrhizae, do you have mycorrhizae in the bag?  NO

Take a lichen,  is it algae or fungus?  YES  (People do not like these kinds of answers)

But if you have a bag of algae, do you have lichens.  NO

If you have a nutrient, is it an element or energy?  YES

If you have a bag of elements do you have a nutrient? NO

Do you have a bag of food? NO

You say oh, word games?

With respect: Consider poor Joe who liked alcohol. Drank methanol rather than ethanol. He then quickly learned, as his brain got burned. That words, are important after all.

Chemist claim the most important tool in a chemistry lab, is the Periodical Table or Atomic Table of Elements.

If Dr. Shigo had ever talked about nutrients for trees or plants, in front of his professor, Dr. Lilly, he would have flunked the course, yet it is commonly used.  Everybody is doing it.  Well, we are not a part of that everybody, please understand.  A nutrient is a substance that contains the essentials for life in the best amounts.  That is why we have a nutritious food.  We have a nutritious this and a nutritious that.  It not only has an energy source, but it usually has elements, vitamins and all the other kinds of essentials.  Plants cannot, cannot, cannot, can’t, absorb nutrients.  Well everybody says it Keslick, it’s in the best of publications.  It’s because nobody has stopped them.  Are you going to stop them?  Saying you feed plants with plant food, calling fertilizer food and saying plants absorb nutrients, indicates an absolute ignorance of “photosynthesis”.  So when we hear people talking about plants and nutrients in the soil, which plants are absorbing, we know they just do not understand.  Do you not think it is time to stop some of these things?  Will you help us?  There are a few helpers out there and we need more.  Elements are single groups of atoms of the same kind.  They are potassium, phosphorus, etc.  So think about these things.  Next time you hear someone use the word nutrient, ask them what they mean?  Ask them how a plant absorbs an energy source?  Do you want to put the sun out of business?  Do you know what photosynthesis is?  Ask them.  Think about these things.  See we live in a world where if somebody makes a mistake and is not corrected pretty soon, they begin to believe its true.  Tolstoy said that years and years ago.  Read (Tolstoy).  His quotation is in Dr Shigo’s book on Modern Arboriculture right in the front.  We keep hearing things and we hear them in big places and we think their correct.  Dr Shigo’s professor would have flunked him if he would have used that word incorrectly or any other word incorrectly.  Think about these things, please, please, please think. 

See "Tree Food".

Note: If you look on page 373 in Merriam-Webster’s CollegiateŽ Dictionary, Tenth Edition you will find a list of Chemical Elements as well as symbols, atomic numbers and atomic weight.

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