Oligosaccharins  - The uniqueness of the tree wood cell is the combination of cellulose and lignin.  Of course there are other substances present such as hemicellulose, but the other substances are greatly overshadowed by cellulose and lignin.  The inner lining of the cells may also contain other substances that have a sugar base.  These substances are called oligosaccharins.  These materials may have strong regulating powers on the cells.  The oligosaccharins are classed as part of the group of plant growth regulators (auxin, gibberellin, ethylene, cytokinen, abscisic acid, and oligosaccharin).  Hormones are for animals, growth regulators for plants.  The oligosaccharins may be important in defense reactions.  Indeed, we have a long way to go. (Page 261 NTB)

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