Order and Disorder  - Order means arrangements in ways that repeat or can be repeated with ease.  Disorder means arrangements in ways that are difficult, to impossible to repeat.  As order goes to disorder energy leaves the systems. 
We cannot escape the concepts of order and disorder.  The more highly ordered any idea or system becomes, the better the chances are for communications.  Order repeats, or can be repeated.  I believe this is truth.  And, the nature of truth is also constantly changing.
    In other words.  Order and Disorder.  Buildup and breakdown.  Entropy and enthalpy.  Music and noise.  Organized and mess.  If you leave your desk alone for a long period of time it will only become more of a mess.  The mess will not become more organized.  That is what entropy is all about – disorder.  No matter how you define the words entropy will get you and everything else in time.  No matter how the words are defined, everything in time will become disordered, and in time new order will return, so long as energy is supplied.  Because this is the theme.  This is singular.  We think this is the only theme in everything - that there will be buildup and breakdown.  If you could only think about these things they make such sense.  But we keep on accepting everything without thinking about it.  Think about it.  We are not saying you must go out and question authority just to question authority.  You can question authority in a courteous way. Please Sir, Maim, what would you think about this, please.  Tell me please, I want to learn.  This is the way to question authority.  Think about it ok, please.  Order – disorder.

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