Pesticide and Antibiotic  - Pesticides are chemical compounds that kill pest to humans.  The compounds are made by humans.  Antibiotics are chemical compounds that kill, or stall growth, of other organisms.  They are made by microorganisms.  Some are now being made by humans.  Pesticides are chemicals and they are compounds and they will kill anything that we as humans feel should not be around.  We call that a pest. 
       There are many different types of killer compounds.  We often read or hear adds that “our product kills everything”.  Why would any thinking, thinking, thinking person, want to kill the good guys?  See 95% of the micros out there, the insects and the microorganisms are all good guys.  Do you want to kill the 2%-3% bad guys and kill also the 95%-98% good guys?  Think about it ok?  We get so much free.  By that we mean we get so many organisms on our side and we kill the good guys along with the bad guys.  It hurts, it hurts.  It hurts primarily when people stop thinking.  Please start thinking, please.

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