Physiology  - The science of the orderly functions, activities, and intrinsic characteristics of an organism and its parts.  How the biological machinery works or functions to maintain growth, defense, and reproduction.  Energy captured from the sun and held in place by bonds in a molecule we call sugar, is the force or fuel that runs or maintains the living processes.   Anatomy must precede physiology. 
    Anatomy and Physiology  - Parts and processes.   You see the system keeps repeating, repeating and repeating in many different ways – in nature, anatomy, physiology, and life.  Anatomy means the parts and again, as they move, as energy comes in, as the parts move in a highly ordered way, they become  processes in the system.  
    Anatomy means to cut apart [a n atom y] buts its more than that.   Its to cut apart in a systematized way so that it can be put back together.  Any fool can take apart a watch. Some can even put it back together again.  But will it still run and tell time?  That’s what anatomy is all about. 
    Physiology  means movement of the parts.  Energy is required to grow, maintain, produce exudates (think taxes), reproduce, and defend the moving parts.  As energy reserves decrease, order goes to disorder, and the clean-up crew enters.   As the system goes from order to disorder the cleanup crew will come in for the remaining energy.  Remember no matter who you are you cannot break the rules, the laws of nature.  The first law is the Conservation of  Matter.  You can’t make it, you can’t break it,  you can pass it on, but you can’t make it or break it..  Remember that.

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