Planting / Cluster  - Remember in the group plantings, nurse logs and other ecological stages of trees can remain thus enhancing the health of the system while building new soil.  Planting trees in groups give the trees the unique benefits of the group.  Please consider planting clusters of trees, shrubs, vines, and all other plants native to your area or the forest type nearest your area.  Parks, golf courses, and or college and university campuses can benefit from cluster planting.  The cluster has many advantages over formal designs of widely spaced trees.  Walkways can be made away from the clusters if concerns of people hiding in the trees exist.  Compaction problems and the lawnmower wounding problems can be addressed with the cluster.  The clusters also can be used as educational demonstrations as well as ecologically sound practice.  Ecoart nurse logs can be used in the group.  The cluster with nurse logs would represent a small part of a natural area.  The cluster could be surrounded by wild flowers.   Endless possibilities. 

Below: Nurse log was left to enhance health of group or cluster.


See Planting in Clusters 2 For much more.



"Ecoart Nurse Logs"

"Tree Planting" for instruction on proper planting of a tree!!!!

See some of the benefits for the ecological stages of trees. 
See "A CALL FOR SOUND SCIENCE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE ECOLOGICAL STAGES OF TREES" and what negative effects can be created by cutting the wood out.

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