Quality  -The characteristics that define a product, service or performance; quality can be low or high.  Needs a modifier.  Quality alone has no meaning.  E.g., "We have a quality product." This could be a low quality or high quality product.

More on the topic: QUALITY - The characteristics, features, or attributes that identify or make up a substance, statement, or performance.  Quality identifies something, but the degree of excellence or potential failures of the something must be further identified by a modifier to the word quality-poor quality or excellent quality.  When we say excellent quality we mean that the features of the subject are at the highest level for survival or for attention.  Low or poor quality means defective features that make for a short life or survival, or for lack of attention.  High quality means high order of features or ingredients.  Order means that the events or parts are arranged in a way that can be repeated.  High order is precision of parts that make up a substance or statement.  In trees, high quality means high order for health, attractiveness, and safety.  A high quality tree has long survival for life in an attractive and safe form.  High quality trees for timber will produce the highest value products.  High quality wood is free of defects.  A high quality wildlife tree is a large, old, healthy tree with a few well-compartmentalized cavities.  There is much that can be done to increase the quality of our trees in forests, cities, parks, and orchards.  For starters, we need more ecoart logs.  What an example of high quality products!  E.g., If you were to take a pair of shoes on a trip, and when you returned from the trip, the shoes were not in a condition that you would wear them again, you would say they were low quality shoes.  Now if you were to return from the trip and the shoes were in a condition or state that you would wear them again on another trip, we would say they were high quality shoes.

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