Stress and Strain  - Stress and Strain  - Stress is a condition of a system as it gets near its limits for high-quality survival.  Strain is a condition of a system as it goes beyond its limits.  In a sense, something “breaks”.  Stress is reversible and strain is not. 
    In other words.  Education is a learning process.  You must think.  Thinking is a collecting and connecting process.  Once you begin to define your terms we believe education will start.  Because you really are never educated.  You are always educating yourself.  Stress, it’s a condition.  What kind of a condition?  It’s a condition where you are reaching the limits.  What kind of limits or what?  It’s a condition of a system as it begins to get near it’s limits for how it was built, how it was put together, or in living for high quality survival.  You can stress shoes, you can stress a shovel, you can stress your body, you can stress your heart.  Your heart can, under some conditions, pump as much as 7 gallons in one minute.  Believe me, but that’s almost near the limits.  But it can do it.  As you go beyond the limits, then you come to another word.  Because you see, stress is reversible.  If you relieve that which is pushing it to near its limits, then it will be ok, it will be fine again.  But, if you keep pushing it, keep pushing it and it goes over the limits then something breaks.  Then it has to be healed or compartmentalized.  It has to be repaired or replaced or new tissues or new boundaries must put around it by the tree.  So we have stress and strain.  Think about it.  This is why we have aerobics.  Very few people know the meaning of aerobics.  It means you are exercising to the point that you are using free oxygen.  When muscles are forced to move under anaerobic conditions lactate builds up and brings on muscle cramps.  Yes, think about the words.  Think about them. 

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