Survival  - Survival means that you stay alive and you stay in a working state under conditions that have the capacity or the ability to kill you.  Survival depends on rate of recognition, decision making, and adjustments.  A feedback process.  To survive, keep your message simple, and repeat it!
    In other words.  Survival is to stay at a high quality state for as long as possible, even when conditions occur that could disrupt the state. 
    In other words.  Think of how many ways we use that word.  These shoes survived that trip.  This car survived that trip.  The person survived the cold of the area there.  People survived there after a long climb to the top of the mountain.  It means they are still going.  They are still at it.  They are still in a serviceable condition whether it’s for shoes or shovels or people or trees.  Survival is to stay alive at a high quality state, for as long as possible, even under conditions that could disrupt, or end or kill the tree or you.  So survival is extremely important.  Think about it ok.  It’s more that just survival.  It’s survival in a state where you can thrive.

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