Systems: 80 + or - 10  - Systems are parts that move in an orderly way- processes- as energy is supplied from fusion on the sun, mostly.  Nature is a big system.  The Law of 80+- 10 functions, which means the best the systems can be understood at any time is at 90%, or at worst, at 70%.  Because the systems are in constant motion, they will never lend themselves to an absolute understanding. 
    In other words.  Systems and the rule, or principle we should say - the principle of 80+- 10.  We do know that systems are made up of parts and the parts move in a highly ordered way as energy comes in.  And then that equals a process, because then we know that the system will have a predetermined endpoint.  In nature, when we discuss nature, biotic, abiotic, dynamic equilibrium, etc.  We don’t want this to be an English lesson.  That’s why you will say gracious, he is not even giving complete sentences.  It’s not our responsibility to give you an English lesson.  Our responsibility is to give you some key words to get you to think.  If you can just think you will come up with the best definitions.  Better than mine maybe, in certain cases.  But the laws of 80+- 10 run through all of nature.  Here we call it a law again because it is a law but 80+-10 is a principle.  Principles mean that most of the time its going to be 70 or 90 but not always 100 or not always 70.  Oh, you say make up your mind.  This is the way it works.  And unless you begin to understand 80+- 10 you’ll never understand nature, you will never understand trees, you will never understand paradoxical effects, you will never understand bla bla bla.  So forth and so forth.  Once you start to understand a little bit about how all of these factors work, then you can work with them.  You can make treatments.  Most of the time you’ll be right on target.  But you won’t be there all of the time.  Ok?  That’s why we aim for the collar.  It’s as if you are aiming for the bulls eye.  You may hit it most of the time but maybe not all of the time.  Ok, just do us the respect, just think.  Forget about our English and our words, sentences and poor grammar.  Please just think about these things. 

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