15. Logging – Space

421.  What makes a healthy tree or plant? The availability in the proper proportions of the right "STEW" - Space, Temperature, Elements and Water. And the energy of the sun will be used optimally making a tree into the most efficient system on earth. Everything is

422.  With respect to space and coarse woody debris, the importance of reduction of space by fallen trees with respect to endangered species, browsing by deer, temperature changes, moisture changes, essential element capacity, animals, fungi diversity and more, the latter references only suggest a benefit of fallen trees while showing that removal is only a depleting act causing dysfunction and disruption to the system here, known as a once fertile forest.  

423.  With respect to the thoughts of removing trees from the once fertile forest in order to create space, add sunlight (thinning - logging) the “Self Thinning Rule of Ecology” has done a good job for a long time (Hardwick, 1987).

424.  Once fertile forest, were logged in the past, or treated in ways, out of the ignorance of tree biology.  This project is proof that it continues.  This is a worldwide problem for trees of a forest and cities.  Now, the promoters of logging today want us to believe that coarse woody debris serve no purpose, are fire hazards, are supposed to be unsightly, and if removed would address drought problems of the past as well as help the forest in future drought.  They (USFS practicing foresters on Painter Run Windthrow Salvage Project) also want us to believe that applying ammonium nitrate, herbicides, putting up deer fences, road building and planting non-native grass will replace all the functionality, over time, of the material mentioned to be removed in the Painter Run Windthrow Salvage Project.  Not to mention, they claim the latter will increase the structural functionality above as well as below ground and thus increase forest health (sorry again for going beyond committed boundaries in this document).  Thus the foundation of the false premise, that coarse woody debris serves no purpose to system health, while removal would?  Magicians convince you that the hat is empty. They start with a false premise (SHIGO, 1999).

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