Taxonomy  - Taxonomy is the science of classifying organisms in established categories; giving organisms a name, a binomial, based on their characteristics.  A binomial means two names, a genus and a species.  Plant taxonomy, plant classifications, and plant systematics are often used to denote the arrangement and naming of plants.  An attempt is made to place plants into their natural categories and to have names or taxons for the categories.  There is a difference between naming plants so as to have some established order, whether natural order or not, so that all people will know what organism is meant when the name is used.  Systematics or systematic classification, attempts to find the natural order or gradation of categories.  In many cases when the natural order is understood, the result is a gradation and it is still necessary to determine where a line must be drawn to separate one group from another. As more information on the natural order is learned, the categories are expanded and more and more lines are drawn.  This activity will never stop, and the taxonomist or systematic classificationist will never run out of work.  The problem is that the names keep changing.  There is no easy way out of this situation.

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