Touching  - Touching means connecting.  Learning biology is a touching situation.  Teaching is a communication process where the receiver must receive what the sender sends.  If the sender is sending noise, which is disordered items, the receiver will not, or cannot, receive what is being sent.  A major problem with trying to teach about natural systems is that some of the senders- teachers - have not touched or connected with the subjects that they are trying to send.  No aspiring musician would ever think of going to a teacher who has not excelled in the playing – touching of the instrument.  You cannot learn to play an instrument without touching it.  Yet some people in some disciplines keep going to so-called - teachers who have not “played the instrument.”  To Touch Trees means connecting with them.  Yes, books can help as guides, but in the end a person must make connect with the trees and in doing so connect with nature. 

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