Tree Biology  - Tree Biology is the science that brings together anatomy, physiology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and all other disciplines that focus on the life of a tree as a system and how death brings healthier life.  Ignorance of tree biology has been, and still is, the major cause of tree problems worldwide.  The Mississippi Valley Laboratory in St. Louis was established in 1899. Dr. Herman von Schrenk was the director.  Studies on wood decay and discoloration were done mostly.  In time, the studies drifted toward wood products.  In 1907 the lab was discontinued and the Forest Products Laboratory at Madison, Wisconsin took over. The major focus of the lab was on wood products decay.  Tree biology never had a chance.  The people who say they do not need tree biology to do their job have a very strong case.  One product kills all tree insects.  Another product kills all disease-causing pathogens.  What would you think of a doctor who had two treatments?  How much would you pay the doctor?  How about clearcutting and removing most of the wood from the once fertile forest using several different names?  Would it not be wonderful if we had a tree biology champion as well as a climbing champion?   In spite of abiotic destructive forces and biotic agents such as insects, bacteria, and fungi, humans still rank as the major destructive agent for trees in forests and cities. Ignorance of tree biology is a major cause of this. 
    In other words.  Tree biology is the science of all factors, agents, and whatever, about trees and their associates.  Tree biology is all about life and death.  Tree biology is common sense about trees and associates and their survival in nature. 
    In other words.   Many of these terms have been discussed.  It’s about life and death of trees and everything in between.  The tree is born and the tree (symplast) dies.  It’s about how trees survive.  But it’s not only the tree, it’s the tree and associates.  Think about all of these things. 


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