Trees  - First, I need to put some building blocks together to clearly define this term.  People who say trees are just big plants should consider that you cannot fall out of a tomato plant, nor could one fall and kill a person!  Basically speaking, trees are plants that are "perennial" - live for live for several to many years (symplast).  Woody - have tough cell walls of wood.  Shedding - use and shed woody and non-woody parts.  Compartmented - made up of many compartments.  Trees usually have a single stem over three meters tall.  Now we will work our way to the beauty of the ecological stages of trees.  Tree Biology is the science that brings together anatomy, physiology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and all other disciplines that focus on the life of a tree system (redundant, the tree is a system) and how death brings healthier life.  Here are some of the unique features of trees from germination of the seed to the substrate and residual material left to enhance the soil.   A young tree is a tree that has 90%-100% dynamic mass.  The theme of the tree system is perfect.  We see only the variations, which have many imperfections.  Trees are the most massive, longest living, and tallest organisms ever to grow on earth.  Trees are big batteries.  Trees not only provide beauty and shade, but they trap more of the sun's energy than any other organism, and pass it along to many communities of associates, including humans.  Trees continue to support their soil associates by supplying a rich source of carbon and other essential elements as they drop leaves, twigs, branches, and finally give their trunks and woody roots.  Trees respond rapidly when hit.  Trees have many associates - friends.  Trees do not live beyond their means.  Trees don't read textbooks.  Trees never knew stumps until axes and saws came.  Trees are the most giving and forgiving organisms on earth.  Trees go through ecological stages.  Each stage contributing to unique groups of organisms, including trees and soil.  Through the connections made throughout the ecological stages, a system exist known as a forest.  Trees of a field also serve unique contributions to system health throughout their ecological stages, with no waste.  Can be phrased as, the functionality of the ecological stages of trees.  Trees were here before people!  Trees are superior survival organisms. They live longer, grow taller and become more massive than any organism ever to inhabit earth.  The functionality, of the ecological stages of trees deserves credit for their contribution to this unique feature of trees.  Trees do demand some respect.  This means trees have dignity.  Trees and people are about 98% by weight carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus.  Trees are mostly carbohydrates - cellulose.  Humans are mostly proteins.
    In other words.  If you don’t know what a tree is, you should not be working on them, and that’s for sure.  You should be able to come up with the four major words that separate trees from all other organisms.  They are woody, they are perennial, shedding, highly compartmented.  Think, think, think.  This definition can be expanded in so many ways.  So the major part is just think about it, ok?  And if you do not know the answer please don’t call yourself a tree person if you don’t even know what you are working on.  Think about it. 
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