Vibrations  - Natural systems vibrate constantly.  It is as if there is a constant attempt to settle at some imaginary middle line, but every effort to meet that line is always met with an over extension on one hand, and on an effort to regain middle, again the effort goes over the line.  So long as the concentrations and other changes do not extend too far above or below that line, life continues.  How fast the vibration continues also assures survival.  As motion decreases, the peaks above and below the line increase.  Reactions alone are not enough, but how fast the reactions occur.  This is well known with the wound response.  Most trees have the capacity to respond to wounds.  But, if the response is so slow that pathogens can spread rapidly, the tree will die.  Pathogens vibrate in their survival mode just as trees do.  Shedding is another way trees survive as mass vibrates.  Too much dynamic mass could cause problems as energy to maintain the mass increases.  Shedding also reduces the amount of leaves present to supply energy.  Pathogens also add to the vibrations.  The pathogens keep the weak parts at a minimum.  But, if too many tree parts are killed, the entire tree dies.

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