Oak, Northern Red

Acorns and Buds

Above:  Date:7-1-05  Between lines [A] you have wood that formed the previous year.  Between lines [B] is the current growth increment (This years material.).  Point:  this tree has its babies the year before [C] and then they mature on the previous years wood [D], the following year.  [C] = New born young acorns.  They will not form or mature until next year.  [D] = Acorns maturing on last years wood.  They we born last year.  [E] = The newly forming buds for next year.  On white oaks, the acorns are born and mature the same year on the current growth increment (for example click here). 

Below is a close up of the above sample.  Can you see the difference between young acorns and buds?





















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