Humic Acids  - Humic acids slow decomposition reactions in soils (SHIGO 1999 Point 666).  Humic and fulvic acids buffer pH swings in the soil.  A look at The Rainbow Funnel of Humic Acids.  In a forest we have what we call the funnel of humic acids.  Everything goes into this funnel.  Which results in the horizons of the soil.  Something flies and gets caught up – into the funnel it goes.  An insect dies - into the funnel it goes.  Leaves and twigs are shed, not as being cast away, but into the funnel they go.  A tree falls and the trunk becomes a member of the funnel as well, contributing for a longer period of time in many ways.  A bear comes by and scats – into the funnel.  A vole dies – into the funnel it goes - etc.  This is the funnel which creates humic acids.  Year after year horizons of the soil are created in this way.  MULCH. 

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Remember!  There are many benefits of CWD for a forest.

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